Mixer elements

We manufacture standard agitators, mixing propellers and also special agitators for our own production, as well as for agitators according to customer requirements.
In the MAG and TIG welding processes, our skilled workers use modern welding equipment to manufacture stirring elements according to requirements.
With our modern machinery, including our own water jet cutting system, we guarantee the highest possible quality.
The surface treatment is also carried out in our own production.
Grinding, pickling, polishing - For food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.
Our standard for mixed propellers sets standards

For propeller agitators, our stainless steel agitating propellers are unbeatable:
3-blade mixing propeller made of one piece of cast iron in 1.4404 stainless steel, surface polished to a mirror finish as standard.
Stainless steel mixing propeller mirror polished available from stock in the sizes Ø 100mm, Ø 125mm, Ø 138mm, Ø 150mm, Ø 175mm, Ø 200mm, 225mm.

As blank or with thread, fit.
3-wing mixing propeller 1.4404 mirror finish polished
3- blade wing mixing propeller cast propeller marine propeller AISI316 mirror finish polished
Polished propellers are the clear choice wherever an extremely smooth surface finish is required.
Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and other sanitary applications.
The design produces downward fluid motion with clockwise rotation as viewed from above.
Our sanitary grade propellers are investment cast, finish machined to tight tolerances, polished and buffed.
Mirror finish polished propellers for screws at the end of shaft. Also aviable with hole.
Available as blank, with a thread or with a fitting after arrangement.

from 73,00 EUR
3-wing mixing propeller with drilling 1.4404 mirror finish polished
3-blade mixing propeller for stirrer shafts height-adjustable stirrer propeller 1.4404 polished
For sliding onto existing stirrer shafts. Fastening by grub screws on the side.
from 124,00 EUR
3-wing mixing propeller PP marine propeller
3-wing mixing propeller PP marine propeller

Propeller Ø     Standard thread
100mm     M16
125mm     M16
150mm     M16
175mm     M16
200mm     M16
225mm     M16
250mm     M16
from 22,00 EUR
3-blade mixing propeller PVDF
3-blade mixing propeller PVDF

Propeller Ø     Standard inner thread
100mm     M16
125mm     M16
150mm     M16
175mm     M16
200mm     M16
225mm     M16
250mm     M16
from 36,00 EUR
Cup stirrer type SRT-Fluidjet material AISI316 (1.4404) with dynamic pressure mixing principle.
Even at low speeds sufficient circulation is achieved to ensure efficient and gentle mixing.
Hardly any shear is introduced into the product.
Standard M16 female thread Ø 200mm to Ø 400mm
Standard M20 female thread Ø 500mm to Ø 600mm
Almost no air entry
Almost no dripping
Low stirring times
Almost no foaming
Stirring of high viscosities with low power requirement
Also available height adjustable on the shaft.
from 289,00 EUR
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