Mixer elements

3- blade wing mixing propeller cast propeller marine propeller SS316 high gloss polished
Polished propellers are the clear choice wherever an extremely smooth surface finish is required.
Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and other sanitary applications.
The design produces downward fluid motion with clockwise rotation as viewed from above.
Our sanitary grade propellers are investment cast, finish machined to tight tolerances, polished and buffed.
Polished propellers for screws at the end of shaft. Also aviable with hole.
Available as blank, with a thread or with a fitting after arrangement.
from 51,00 EUR
3-wing mixing propeller PP marine propeller
Price on request
3-blade mixing propeller PVDF food safe
Price on request
Cup stirrer type SRT-Fluidjet material 1.4571 / 1.4404 with dynamic pressure mixing principle.
Price on request
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