Lifting devices tripod agitators

With a tripod agitator you can speed up your production processes for small to medium-sized batches without taking up much space and manpower. This eliminates the need to purchase several agitators for each individual vessel.

No matter if it has to be an agitator for 1000L containers (IBC), round containers, barrels etc., we also manufacture stand agitators made to measure, adapted to your application, the space required and the agitator vessels.

Due to continuous improvements our tripods are cost-optimized and robust.

For food, chemicals, paints and varnishes, water treatment etc. we have the right agitator.

    Tripod agitator available as dissolver, gear agitator, propeller agitator, jet mixer, beaker agitator, rapid mixer etc. Suitable for your product and stirring task
    Electrical lifting device in low-maintenance design with safety circuits according to UVV
    Lifting system for agitators in painted steel or stainless steel
    Parts of the agitators in contact with the product Material stainless steel or plastic-coated PP / PVDF
    Stand mixers available as wall stand, for floor mounting or on castors
    Agitators optionally with suitable frequency converter for infinitely variable speed control
    Suitable agitator vessels in stainless steel on request

Modern, stable lifting system - for stirrers / agitators for 1000 liter containers. (Standard IBC)
Stand SRTSPHS1000VA for agitators for 1000 liter containers. (Standard IBC)
Maximum agitator weight 120 KG.
Price without agitator.

Stand version in stainless steel 1.4301.
The agitator is lifted and lowered by the spindle lifting system.
The lifting speed is about 60mm per second.
(Corresponds to approx. 20 seconds per lift at 980mm lifting height.
The maximum load capacity for the agitator is 120 KG.
The stand is mounted on an H-shaped foot on 4 wheels for easy movement within the company site.
(Alternatively it can be delivered at the same price without wheels for stationary floor mounting)
Inner foot width 1050mm. Lifting height 1000mm. Total height 2500mm.
2 fixed wheels are mounted at the front of the H-shaped foot, 2 steering wheels with parking brake at the rear. The housing is made of stainless steel.
The agitator has a safety shut-off. The agitator switches off automatically when lifting.
The container recognition is done by inductive sensor recognition.  There is a 15mm distance to the metal frame.
The release recognition is indicated by an LED control light.
(Only suitable for IBC 1000 litres with metal frame)
Starting is only possible in the lowest position and with the container underneath.
The agitator does not restart automatically when the agitator has been lowered again.
Automatic switch-off of the agitator at the upper limit stop and at the lowest position.
The upper and lower limit stop is not adjustable.
Emergency stop switch. Main switch. Button/toggle lifting/lowering. Reset button.
Weight without agitator: 300 KG
Operating and assembly instructions according to the Machinery Directive
Circuit diagram
CE Declaration of Conformity
13.900,00 EUR
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