Drum Mixer Agitator

Drum agitators for stirring, homogenising and dispersing in the delivery container.

Suitable for standard steel and plastic drums

  • Direct drive mixers, available with different speeds to suit your product.
  • Cost-effective with fixed agitator shaft mounted on the motor or with sleeve coupling
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Optional with plastic coating in PP / PVDF
  • For drums with 2″ opening with folding propeller, which folds out by centrifugal force during operation
  • For open steel drums with matching quick release traverse
  • For plastic drums with matching screw-on lid
  • Electric or pneumatic drives, electric drives according to European energy efficiency standard IE
  • Optionally with matching frequency converter for infinitely variable speed control
Drum mixer 0,25 kW for PE drums 60/120/220 liter
Drum agitator for PE clamping ring drums
For water-like media with a viscosity of up to 600 m/Pas and a density of up to 1.2 kg/cm³
Type: SRTPE-0-25-0-37-1500
Power: 0.25 kW 60 liter / 0.37 KW 120/220 liter drum
Speed: 1330 rpm
Voltage: 3PH 400V 50Hz. or 1PH 230V 50Hz.
Material in contact with product: Stainless steel 1.4404
Maximum medium temperature: 60°C
High-speed mixer with solid, non-removable agitator shaft, balanced for smooth running in the speed range
1 3-blade mixing propeller PP screwed into the end of the agitator shaft
Cover for PE clamping ring drum incl. clamping ring and welded mounting plate
Agitator weight approx.: 12 kg
Without supply line
from 575,00 EUR
Drum agitator pneumatic for PE drums
Drum stirrer pneumatic | pneumatic mixer
Type: SRTPE-0-67-3000-PN with PE lid

For fluids similar to water up to 800 m/Pas.
from 1.085,00 EUR
Drum agitator high-speed mixer for PE drums Wide neck drums
Drum agitator high-speed mixer for PE drums
For liquids up to 600 m/Pas.
Type: SRTPE-0-37-1500VARI
from 1.349,00 EUR
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