IBC agitators

Stirring, homogenizing, dispersing - directly in the IBC delivery container.
The IBC agitators from Schwarzer Rührtechnik GmbH are universal and versatile due to their mobile and uncomplicated design.
In doing so, we set priorities: A well thought-out design of the agitators, in connection with modern agitating technology, ensure effectiveness and simple operation. With an intuitive quick-clamping device, the IBC agitators can be mounted or dismounted with just a few hand movements. Fast delivery times, competent advice and flexibility are the hallmarks of us and our product range. Which agitator is suitable for my application?
The viscosity of the product is important to make the right choice. For the agitators, guideline values for maximum viscosities are shown. This is an easy orientation to help you choose the right agitator. The liquid must be able to flow in any case. Tixotropic liquids or liquids that settle strongly (lime, sand etc.) may not be transported from the corners of the IBC. We would be pleased to advise you by telephone.