High-speed mixers

High-speed mixers as agitators offer various advantages. Over many years we have always incorporated our experience with high-speed mixers into further development and have worked out the necessary technology and limits of high-speed mixers.

Today, our standard high-speed mixers are an ideal product in terms of price and performance for many applications.

For liquid media up to 600 m/Pas.
Pressureless operation.
Mounting vertically from above.
Arrangement for round vessels centrally with flow breakers or eccentrically on 1/2 vessel radius.
Maximum 60 degrees C.

    Directly driven high-speed mixers, available with different speeds, suitable for your product.
    Cost-effective with fixed agitator shaft mounted on the motor or with CNC-manufactured, grooved sleeve coupling from IEC size 80 upwards.
    Stirring element can be unscrewed.
    Quick mixer available in stainless steel or with additional plastic coatings in PP or PVDF.
    Electric or pneumatic drive motors, electric drive motors according to European energy efficiency standard IE2 / IE3.
    Optionally with matching frequency converter for infinitely variable speed control.
    As standard, we deliver our high-speed mixers with highly polished 3-wing propellers made of cast stainless steel.
    Mixing propellers polished available in Ø 100mm / Ø 125mm / Ø 138mm / Ø 150mm / Ø 175mm / Ø 200mm / Ø 225mm.
    Our stainless steel mixing propellers are also available in plastic PP or PVDF.
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