IBC agitators

High-speed pneumatic IBC mixer
Item number IBC-0120

-High speed mixer with a solid, removable agitator shaft through a mechanical clutch.
-The agitator shaft has been balanced by us for a guaranteed smooth concentricity.
-One removable Ø138mm three-winged-propeller produced in a single step of steelcasting, material AISI316L
-Power: 2,7kw at 6 bar air pressure
-needs 3600 litre air per minute
-Engine speed possible: 300-3000 rpm
-Material in contact with product: AISI316 and AISI316L
-Suitable only for intermittently usage, continuous operation is possible with a dry, cooled air supply.
-Delivered with a mounted ball valve for controlled air supply and an air suppressor for noise reduction.
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